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'Bougainvillea' Large Rectangular Earrings

A fragment of painting under resin, set onto papier-mâché.

Copper sides, aluminium back. 
Sterling Silver earring hooks.

Measures - 1cm x 2cm x 0.5cm.

In a matte black box with black velvet insert.

Each piece is sealed with epoxy resin to make it durable. 
This protection also adds a lens and magnifies the intensity
of the shifts of light and shade, colour and pattern. 



Colours of Capri - some of the colours, moods and patterns of Capri island in the summer.


In this piece - The extraordinarily deep pinks and reds of Bougainvillea. Though not a native to Capri, the vibrant colours have found a natural home there.




This is an entirely handmade piece. Please remove before swimming, sauna, bathing or showering. Don't spray perfume etc directly onto Papier-Mâché Jewellery. All the surfaces - copper, silver, aluminium and resin can be cleaned and polished with a simple Silver Polishing Cloth.

'Bougainvillea' Large Rectangular Earrings

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