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I am based in Devon, living in an old cottage in Topsham, where I also have my studio on the waters edge.


I like to search for and interpret the colours, moods and patterns of the places I visit. Each piece of jewellery I make has very particular and remarkable qualities of jewel-like iridescence that will catch and move the light and colours within when worn. They become conversation pieces.

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I take photographs and paint wherever I go, then once back in my studio, I mix my colours and decide on my abstracted pattern and design, adding layer upon layer of different colours. Frequently as many as 20-30 layers - in order to create the effects I’m looking for. I often include foils and metal leaf - silver, gold and copper.


I only ever paint two A4 board at a time - one for brooches and pendants and one for earrings, that will then be laser cut to make a very small selection of jewellery. Each painting is individual and is certainly one-of-a-kind.

I’ve been making papier-mâché jewellery for over 30 years and the pieces are consistently collected and treasured all over the world.


looking back

I’ve continued to develop and evolve my ideas and methods since leaving Art School - B.A in Fine Art and Ceramics. In time my journey led me to research the history, techniques and art of papier-mâché and rather unexpectedly - jewellery making.


I’ve used a combination of papiermâché/mixed media/gesso/resin/beeswax/gold & silver leaf and all sorts of found objects. And lots of colour - intense and subdued. I painted and made vessels and especially enjoyed taking an era from history; delving into the past whilst making a series of papier-mâché bowls, plaques, platters or a collection of jewellery based on ancient faience, aged iridescent glass, frescoes from Pompeii, the moods of the Arcades of Paris, the colours in Venetian glass, the distressed paintwork on French and Cornish fishing boats or the even ever-changing atmospheres of Devon coasts, moorland valleys. I have a particular love of Capri - it’s history and it’s hidden corners.


These processes inevitably led me to look at details and at fragments, for example the pottery shards of past civilisations. This became a way of focusing, of understanding, of slowing down and realising that information is also gathered in fragments from which we construct our personal view of the world we live in. I’m daily surprised and delighted by new fragments of understanding that come my way and I can truthfully say that I’m absolutely never bored. Research and learning bring a great deal of pleasure, as I build up the stories that accompany each piece.


So I travel, paint, take photographs, write down ideas etc and make really rather unique jewellery. This is made from fragments of my paintings. A story within a story. Talismans from the world of the imagination.

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